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1. Make sure you credit in your keywords. Check-ups will be done!! Anyone NOT crediting will be banned. To credit, please go here and copy & paste the code for whichever image you wish to use for crediting. These are the *ONLY* things you are allowed to direct-link to!

2. No drama here...again, if drama insues, all participating parties will be banned.

3. Specific requests will only be made WHEN A POST HAS BEEN STARTED BY A MAINTAINER. Do NOT start one of your own, requesting an icon. It will be erased and you will be put on a week probation (banned for one week).

4. Only specified graphic makers for this community are allowed to make them. Please contact myself to inquire about becoming a maintainer.

5. In the subject of EVERY entry/reply, you must put "aesthetic" in that field so I know you've read these rules.

6.ABSOLUTELY NO DIRECT LINKING WHATSOEVER. This is ALSO grounds for banishment. I will be changing image url's weekly, and I will place a very ugly image in it's place...and you won't be a happy camper. So just don't do it ; ]

7.Add yourself to the community. I don't have time to sit here and add people myself...I should be able to trust people out there enough to add themselves. I do, however, hold the right to ban if these rules are not met....these are not difficult rules to follow and I would expect each and every one of you to follow them. <3 Please, do not make me start up a wall-o-shame!